I read a lot of fine articals - Thanks all. I am considering using a bank of Black Light bulbs and I have the following questions:

Do they have to be florecent? - there are a lot of 75W black light incandecent bulbs available cheap?

If they have to be florescent, will 4 of the 18" 15w bulbs work or do I need to get larger more powerful bulbs?

Will this bank be necessary for AZO? I have some on the way and have never used it.

I will use it for the following processes - Cyanotype, Kalitype, Van Dyke Brown and Aubumum

I found many lighting systems that would be fine according to the articals I read that cost $300 to build because of the very expensive ballasts used. I also know that the sun shines everyday for free here in the desert north of Los Angeles and that the first 80% of benefit comes from the first 20% of cost. I have tried work lights and even lights that were for plants (High in UV?) and all they did was cook my frame. So I know that not just anything will work but I am not spending a zillion bucks on precious metals and I am not spending $300 for lights for this now. ... Will photo flash work? I have 2000 watt sec of flash here ...