As you do more printing you will I'm sure, gravitate to fiber almost exclusively. Go buy a 8x10 packet of Ilford MG FB Glossy, and a packet of IlfordMG FB Glossy warmtone. Try toning the warmtone and see the effects that are available. I think you will get hooked on it.

As for a print washer, figure out what size prints that you think you will like to make in the future. Plan ahead on this because you will be disappointed if you get one that is too small. I use a Calumet, others here use ZoneVI as well as many others. www.fineartphotography.com has info on their site on kits to make your own. Check the archives and people here have described other ways to make your own.

Bottom line - try more fiber. By the way, glossy fiber is like pearl RC so I would recommend glossy.

Michael McBlane