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For the process I will need
1 tray developer
2 trays fix
1 tray hypo
1 tray long wash

Do I need seperate trays for each process?
I don't know (very much) about those processes, but you have too many trays for developing film:
1 tray presoak - if you want it. I sometimes use it, sometimes not.
1 tray developer
1 tray intermediate wash ("water stop")
1 tray fix (use alkaline fixer)
1 tray wash (10 minutes should do it).

For Pd/Pt I would recommend separate trays - the chemicals are too expensive to risk contamination.

A split-back printing frame is a very good thing to have. I have five in different sizes, picked up on ebay over the last few years. At least one of them looks to be made around 1890, but was just fine once I replaced the spring (and glass, it was very brittle).