I am working on retouching an image and I am having a hard time deciding on when to stop. This particular image is a vast wide-open landscape of the Great Salt Lake in Utah, and there is nothing to show scale or vastness...aside from my vehicle parked in an unobtrusive corner of the image.

When I made the image I originally included the vehicle to show a sense of scale, but now that I can retouch the print and eliminate the vehicle, I get a different sense of the landscape.

With the vehicle visible you do get an immediate, almost subliminal sense of scale, partly because you don't realize that it's there, but you do realize it's there and it gives the rest of the scene something to go off of.

With it gone, you get a different feel to the image, no sense of scale, a landscape that is void of anything to give it away and a sense of grandness that I feel when I am in that landscape.

Trouble is, I like both versions for different reasons.

So, I've been wondering what others have done, what their thought process is, and what you might have done when faced with similar retouching issues.

Note, this is NOT a journalistic project where 100% accuracy to the image is demanded, but it is a project I am working on to capture the feel and impression of an area rather than being faithful to the 'T' to the originally photographed scene.

Thanks for your comments.