Hey Guys.... Sorry I couldn't make it... I wish I could have been there.... I just started another semester of teaching and gonna do some still life's with the large format camera's i have and I jut got 2 new ones added to my collection.... I added a Shen-Hao 4x5 and a Toyo got the toyo for less then 200.... It will be good for the students this semester... to learn from and use.... We are doing some more Palladium printing and also some other things... The school finally broke down and bought a UV Lightsource.... Since there is no sun at night .... lol.... it kind of makes since for them to get one its not like you can expose a palladium at night uner the stars lol.... well i will be in cali again in april got to find that place to live since we will be moving there in june.... bringing the whole family this time.... the funny thing is that florida has another storm out in the Atlantic named Zeta and its frickin January.... its not hurricane season anymore.... so they say.... kind of chilly here now but its all good.... lots of hot cocoa and some negs to look at and i am good to go.... take care and looking forward to seeing you all soon.... take care and Per add me to the list for the October workshop i dont want to miss that one.... Ted