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I know that Jobo warns against using a wetting agent like Photo-Flo in their tanks because of an eventual build-up of [gunk] on the tanks and reels that is very difficult to remove. They suggest putting the Photo-flo in it's own resealable bowl and dipping the film through it after removing it from the reels.
Been there ... I haven't had any trouble, and I ignore JOBO's advice about wetting agents, faithfully. I think they might have the residue from a formaldehyde final rinse in mind .... I use Tetanal Color chemicals and they are advertised as "formaldehyde free".

One thing that works effectively (I do this periodically, just in case) is to disassemble the reel and scrub the tracks with .., a tooth brush. Hmm... I wonder ... possibly tooth paste would be a suitable mild abrasive...?

... I just re-read this ... "Kodak PhotoFlo." Uh ... I haven't used that for many, many moons - I found bullet-proof residue (nasty brown "drips" on my negatives) when used as directed - so I switched to Edwal LFN. No more problems.

That might have something to do with JOBO's recommendation.