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Ermmm... once again, a little reality... The UK is the largest destination for legal migration in Europe. More people from the new EU countries come to live and work in the UK than anywhere else in Europe - estimated at 150,000 in the last 12 months. 25% of all investment into the EU comes to the UK. 60% of all US investment in Europe as a whole comes to the UK. Hardly indicators of "protection of nation from anyone coming on the homeland".

The UK has the 2nd largest economy in Europe (Germany being no.1) and the 4th largest in the world. Also fyi, there is no "health insurance" in the UK - it is ALL free, paid for from taxation. Speaking of which, taxation is the lowest of all the large EU countries - Britain is in fact in 17th place of the group of 25 EU nations for taxation as a percentage of GDP.

It may be a language problem, but you seem to have very strong views about a country you have clearly demonstrated that you know nothing about, and for reasons that do not make much logical sense...

Ah well, such is life...

Cheers, Bob.
I cannot totally agree with you Bob.

Off course Britain looks good at the moment to the Poles, Estonian's etc, look at their starting point. But I don't think they will stay for the long term. As soon as their economies get up to speed with the rest of the EU, their homeland will look a much better choice. The investment oportunities for business in these countries are great and I believe will eventualy have an impact here. Skilled workers, low set-up costs, better tax regimes...

If we are down at 17th in the EU taxation scale, why are most goods dearer here than in the rest of Europe? That implies that the high prices are due to greedy companies setting their RRP high. This may have something to do with it , but it's also due to 'Stealth taxes', high business rates (Local taxes) and current employment legislation.


ps I don't think I would call the NHS 'free' after seeing my NI Bill for last year.