I'm using 35 mm film. I load the film onto the Patterson reel after taking it out of the film cartridge and cutting it square.

Because I'm loading the film from the film cartridge reel to the Patterson reel, it wants to curl. To keep it from curling I use my finger. I only need to do this on the last half of the roll because the weight of the film keeps it more or less straight on the first half.

In other words, the film is still tightly curled when it leaves the reel of the film cartridge and without straightening it somehow I find it difficult to load the Patterson reel. I hold the curled film a couple of inches away from the reel with one finger. The film uncurls over my finger just before going on the Patterson reel.

So what I'm wondering about is if I'm in danger of scratching the dry, undeveloped film with my finger and if so how do others do it?

I'm obviously not explaining this well. Wish I could draw a picture!