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I received the noted lens with the 63mm filter size for Christmas. Big problem now is I cant find any adapter rings to use the filters I own. I want to be able to use my Cokin P holder and assorted filters with it. Anyone know what I should be looking for and/or where I can find it?
I'm lost on this one as far as "63mm filter Size". Which 50mm Hasselblad Lens - specifically, do you have?

My "Carl Zeiss Distagon 4/50 T*" takes a "Bay(onet) 60" adapter -- and Cokin has "Bay 60 adapters (I have one) for their "P" series filters.

There is a "Bay 60 - 67mm" Adapter for use with screw-in filters _ I also use one of those. I think a 63 mm filter will probably vignette. Tiffen, B&W, Hoya - most likely many others - make those.