For those who couldnít get there, you missed a good one. This yearís Zion workshop was a great trip! Thanks, Per!

As one who has participated in four of Perís excursionís, I can say without hesitation that itís unlike most workshops that youíll attend, in that, you have a great opportunity to learn from and be inspired by accomplished photographers like Per and Claire Curran, but have the freedom to shoot and explore. Most other workshops Iíve attended are far more structured and leave little prime time for shooting.

More thanks to Per, as well as Claire and Shawn, for sharing their considerable knowledge and experience with us. Thank you to the rest of the gang for making the week a great shoot and fun trip. Iím anxious to see the results of your work. Joshua Tree would be a great place to do that, but it doesnít look like itís in the cards for me this time around.

Thanks again, Per!