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There seems to be enough of us in the SLC/Ogden area that we could do this in person. What do you say! Get together once a month and talk about photography and critique one anthers work. Talk about the challenges we face as a photographers/artists.
Absolutely! There are groups of apuggers in several locations like this.

Here in North Texas, there are about 7 (or so) of us that are regular participants and contributors to the site. We don’t get together on a set basis, but we have gotten together several times in various combinations, almost always to shoot pictures, plus the usual high level of BS. A couple of times we’ve met up with one another to go to an exhibition.

The most we’ve ever had in one outing was 5, actually 6 with one other member from Austin (3 hours away). We all live as much as an hour apart from each other, so just meeting for social things has not happened. But, it can be done.

The interesting thing is that there must be 2 dozen or more APUG members in the area, but many are not that active, or used to be and aren’t anymore.

Anyway, SLC/Ogden is a great area and by all means, take the initiative and get the group together. It is really worthwhile to get together with “like minded individuals” and talk shop. Down here, we all learn from each other every time.

Cheers, and good luck!