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You guys are on. I'll get information together on places to stay, maps, etc. when the time comes. There is plenty of camping room on my property for the more hardy, but clean and cheap lodging nearby as well. looking at dates in late Spring/early Summer. Anyone have a problem with early June?

I'd be interested in meeting folks as well. I usually spend a couple weeks over in the Jordan River valley each year and drift over to the TC area on occasion to visit a friend who lives just outside of town.

I'm typically in the area in the Spring for the start of inland trout fishing season the end of April and then back again for morel hunting during mid-May. I try to be there for a week in June and/or July as well. So hopefully my travels will coincide with this groups' get-together and I'll have a chance to meet everyone.

This year I'll be in NY state over Memorial Day weekend taking a wetplate collodion workshop from John Coffer at his farm. I also plan to be in NJ learning daguerreotype from Jason Motamedi the third week in July, but other than those dates my schedule is open most of the summer and I'd love an excuse to head north.

I"ll also mention that the Midwest Large Format Asylum group is starting to plan a trip to and through the UP this summer. I also plan to drift through the Marquette area for a week or so this summer but don't have solid plans as to when that might happen. So, I'll be up and down state all summer and hope to catch up to this group at some point.