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I would just like to point out that I also think that there is a difference between being shocked at price differences and generally running down oneīs country. The latter was not what was intended, only that the huge difference (in some cases 300-400%) considering that the stores turnover of such goods was probably tiny made me wonder. I love Britain dearly, but find (found) the extraordinary cost of living prohibitive. It is one thing if you bought a house many years ago or are dual income, quite another if you are a young scamp looking to get established (with a family heaven forbid). The price differences are going somewhere!

I will continue to buy my materials from the chapīs small store - he saved my bacon! Its just a pain that I can only get hold of a few basic chems (the other side of the coin). Just hope FP4 Plus goes well in the TMAX dev! Reasultant images to posted in about a year or two from now, once I have a new house, new darkroom etc!

Aaaah Tom. You can't do that to us!!

Wish I'd worked out earlier that you were actually going to the land of toreadors, flamenco dancers and cathedrals. I would have mentioned ARPI in Barcelona. I guess Spains answer to Calumet or B&H. Worth dropping into their 3 floored store just to see the models of ULF cameras and bundles of sheet film on display. Does the heart good.