I keep very detailed notes as well and encourage my student to do so. We have about 5 0r 6 types of printing maps that people can use , sits at the work station and easy to jot down as they go, or jog down information on the back of the paper before development. (work prints only.)

I have a large presentation easel that sits outside the darkroom door and have taken to jotting notes on that for myself.

I have my little "black book" that I transfer info to once I am satisfied.

Re-printed a negative earlier this year that was last printed in 1966. Altho, the paper type and developer was different ; I started with the same basic formula used at that time. Made a 4 sec. adjustment and that was all there was to the reprint.
I hate note keeping, but love the pay off with the time it saves. Hard to believe it does but that what happens