Carmel and Carmel by the Sea (same place, it just sound better) then you have Carmel Valley just south (John Sexton is in the Valley). And then you have the Highlands. Point Lobos, Highlands Inn and Weston Homested and further south Big Sur. I think the Post Ranch get $2,500.00 for a cottage for the week end. Up north of Monterey on Hwy 1 Moss landing and a good Sea food place it looks like and old warehouse looking place. You eat with the locals at big tables. Pacific Grove is inbetween Carmel and Monterey. See if you can find the Chouder House on Sunset your basic blue and white building. Again you eat with the locals. If you want to spend some money try the Road House around Monterey.

If I think of any more I will get back to you

Jan Pietrzak

ps No need to bring a camera just go to Camera West in Monterey I am sure that you can but some thing.