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Levine's ( Boston ) has a good repair: they've done LOTS of IIIf work.

For big stuff, DAG, Sherry Krauter.

be careful if you send things to grimes camera repair in boston.
it used to be steve grime's shop, but is no more.

the last thing they worked on of mine was a "purple dot" wollensak 90mm lens back in 1997. the shutter needed a cla ... $$$ later they gave it back to me and it stopped working about a week later. then they sent it to a repair guy in california who they have worked with in the past ... $$$ later i get it back to see that it seized up again. when i opened up the shutter, i found red hair (beard clippings?) in the works. that was the last time, and i still regret even making the mistake of bringing it to them ( to think i actually thought they would have had the same service standards as steve grimes ! )

not to mention, they had the old " you are using things POS ... " additude.

maybe they treat people differently now, it has been almost 10 years ...