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Certainly Manalishi! I have been 4 times now, but still not in mid-summer or winter. I have been told summer can be crowded, but in Iceland THAT is hard to imagine. If I do decide to do the book, I feel I'll need a few more visits and at least one journey into the northwest fjords before I feel confident in the complete portfolio. Currently I have about 20-30 strong images and I would like about twice that before culling them into a book. I'm pretty ruthless when it comes to editing my own work and I won't spare the hatchet when it comes to a good solid book.

Thanks again Manalishi... that package I mentioned will be on the way soon.

Thanks again Bill,

thought the same, that Iceland can be crowed in summer, but thought wrong... it wasn't that bad, only a fistful of tourists..... I have been talking to several people and they said that they have a strong tourist decline, because Iceland is so expensive... Anway... wish you luck in your work! And hoping for an Iceland book of your work sometime, when you have been at the NW-fjords! ;-)