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"I met a local indian while there (I would need to look up his name). He told me that for $150 a day that he would guide me into the canyon to some ruins that no white man has ever seen. Are you planning on going into the canyon?"

This seems pricey and there are no ruins in Canyon De Chelly that white men have never seen. The canyon hase been extensively surveyed and the surveys continue each summer. He was trying to sell you a bogus bill of goods. The next time you are in the canyon area and want to have a guide to go in-it is necessary unless you are Navajo-look up Flemin and Lettie(SP) Nave. They are great and I have known them since I was little. They have family land in the canyon and you can arrange to stay there over night. I would recommend this as it is truely a once in a life time experience.

I guess that it is true that God favors fools and children...since my childhood has long since vanished I think that it must be apparent which catagory I embrace. I would love to go into the canyon someday. The public trail looked like a whole lot of work when one carries a lot of gear.