Two- a Beseler 23C (black) with Dichro head, and a Beseler 45M(x? not sure of the variant - later model blue chassis... came with the condenser head and the Resistrol unit) with the analog version of the modern 45 Dichro head (the one that doesn't need hoses and a separate fan unit for cooling, but still sets the filters via dials, not buttons). I'm willing to let the 23c go to a good home to free up some space to rebuild my darkroom... I'm going to remove the enlarger stand with the drop platform I built, and re-design it to handle the 45M, so I can put my drying screens up off the floor and out of the hall. And have a proper area (under the drying screens) for my UV lightbox (does the UV lightbox count as an enlarger? I'm doing Pt/Pd with it, which isn't technically enlarging, but it is a printing device after a fashion!)