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I find it hard to understand having more than 2 enlargers.
Well, they just accumulate. :rolleyes:

The first two I ever owned (real amateur type stuff) are long gone. I actually don’t remember what happened to them.

Next came a “Lucky”, made by Fujimoto. Still have it, but in all the moves it made, the column went missing. I’ve used it with a replacement (piece of pipe), but it’s never been the same.

I also got a urge in the 70s to print color, so I bought a Chromega B. Still have it.

About ten years ago, I was in a camera shop and they had a used Omega B22 for $25. Hey, I might have a neg or two that needed condensers, and all the carriers from the Chromega fit, so …

But, it was – ironically – missing a condenser. In yet another local store (this was back when camera stores actually carried stuff – remember?) I found another B22 missing it’s baseboard and filter drawer. I asked to buy a condenser out of it, and the owner said “no”, but I could have the whole thing if I would just take it away.

So, my darkroom had the B22 and the Chromega. The “spare” B22 always sitting there waiting for me to use it as a copy stand, since I had bought the adapter and could easily make a baseboard, but just never have.:rolleyes:

Then came APUG. Another member says: “Hey David, do you need a 4x5 enlarger? I have one I’ll sell you for (cheap)” How can I pass up that price?:o

So, I have three and most of two others.

Cheers, y'all.

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