Here's what I would check out in this area:

Monterey Museum of Art (good collection of photography on permanent display and check the website there's supposed to be some photo collection opening in January that should still be up)

Highlands Inn (hosts shows by Ansel Adams Gallery people)

Weston Gallery

Point Lobos if you have to, but the real deal is Garrapata beach and creek

Old Coast Road if it's not too much of a muddy mess

Tide pools in Pacific Grove (maybe someone will be surfing at Boneyards)

Blackstone Winery in Gonzales does allot of photo shows, current show is photo but I don't what'll be up in March

If you are a fan of Steinbeck you might want to check out the museum in Salinas

The Carmel mission is cool, but if you're into missions check out San Juan Bautista and maybe drive down to San Miguel (My favorite) and also the San Carlos church in Monterey

Tarpy's Road House
Sardine Factory
Whaling Station
Phil's Fishhouse
The Fishwife
Katie's (good cheap breakfast in Carmel?)

Send me a PM if you want more of the skinny on this area