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Have fun. Don't get lost. Don't try all the malts in one night.

I can't thank you enough for all the tips as well as the time you took to put this all together. I have printed-out your post and packed it in with my maps. I will begin plotting several alternative paths that I can take, but judging by your recommendations, I am heading straight for the north to begin. If there is time, I will wind down into more familiar places. I may base myself near Dornie or Kyle of Lochalsh the first night as my flight arrives in late morning. I don't want to drive into the dark and perhaps I won't make it that far the first day. I really can't remember how long travel between places takes as the last time I was there I was using my thumb and trains for travel. Now, with a car, you never know where I will end up! I have rented a pretty normal vehicle, so I won't be doing too much in the way of challenging drives, but I love to walk. As long as weather permits, I intend to try the Sandwood Bay beach. I read more about this place and feel it is somewhere I simply must go. Don't worry too much about my getting lost in the Highlands though. I have learned from my times in Iceland and life in general in northern Michigan and am not one to take the dangers of wild places lightly.

Thanks as well for the great link to the ordinance survey maps! I love these maps and will purchase new ones when I arrive as the ones I have are pretty torn-up after all the years. I'm sure a few things have changed as well.

Again... I can't thank you enough and will post back upon my return to tell of my travels.

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So Bill, go on, there is no better way of shooting!
And: The first copy of your Scotland book is mine ;-))
Thank you as well Mono! I very much appreciate your help and enthusiasm. As I can see you agree with Struan, I will save that call for another time. I will be sure to post images to the gallery upon return... that is providing I do my job well!