I have shot nudes with a LF camera for several years. Probably have around 500 exposures. The most important thing is to be professional. Have a card and have examples of your work. If you have not done any work then have some examples from a book to the prospective model that show what you are trying to do. My first model came from a photography class. The most important thing is to make the model feel safe. Shooting nudes is a delicate subject. Encourage the model to bring someone to the shoot. Explain that you have a paid female photo assistant. I personally pay models. Most people work for money not for thrills. I also pay well. This gives the entire shoot professional standing. Women are understandably nervous about people who profess to be serious photographers without paying decent wages.
Advertising in classifieds is the best route in the beginning. That way only interested people will be calling you. Giving cards to strangers on the street is a good way to meet your local police. Usually a college paper or at least a liberal paper. You will have no trouble finding models if you do not cut corners. Amateurs are the best by far. Look for dancers, artists, or anyone concerned about their appearance. Once I got started I paid my existing models a finder fee to locate likely subjects. This practice works so well it will put you in the poor house. One woman talking to another is much more effective than a strange man talking to a strange woman. Most women are flattered to be asked to model. Always be polite and professional. Never under any circumstances touch, flirt, or seek dates with models. This is professional death and your reputation will not recover. Do not allow any kind of vulgar language or any sexual implications. Keep your focus on great photographs. This has worked well for me. If you are interested in this work then by all means go for it. If you have bad motives then stay out. You will muddy the water for serious workers.
Jerry Cunningham