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I recently lost my Magnasight grain focuser after 20 years. To replace it, I picked up a like-new Bestwell Minisight without box or instructions thinking it worked the same way as the Magnasight. Well, it doesn't work the same way and I am unable to figure it out.
Can someone explaine how it works?
Should be the same ... one places the grain focuser on a piece of paper of the same thickness as the paper to be printed, turns on the enlarger lamp with the film in lace, and focusess on the aerial image of the grain itself - or at times, a "boundary edge", if the grain is too fine.

Do you have the lens in the grain focuser adjusted to your eye? There should be some way to move the eyepiece lens in or out to provide a sharp, well-defined image of the reticle ... usually a circle.