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I may need a lesson in loading it first, but that shouldn't be too tough.
Loading is not too bad, except if you are used to a modern camera with powered film advance. The take-up spool pulls out, the leader is pushed under a clip on the spool, and then the cassette and spool are lowered together into opposite ends of the camera with the film stretched out between them. Make sure you have returned the rewind lever to the advance position. You may need to turn the rewind knob slightly to engage this with the cassette and allow this to be fully inserted. The big thing, as with any manual-load 35, is to advance the film one frame before closing the back (in the case of the Leica, refitting the base). It helps if you are in a reasonable light where you can see the film on the take up spool. Then refit the base, turn the rewind knob gently to take up any slack, make a blank exposure and wind on twice while checking that the rewind knob rotates (indicating that the film is really advancing), push the film counter round to 1 by means of the dimple on the dial, and you're ready to go! Removing film after exposure is easy but tedious, you just move the rewind lever to rewind and use the rewind knob. Leitz deliberately made this slow to operate, since they were worried that crazed photographers would otherwise rewind the film too fast and generate static electricity!