I am pleased to let the large format community know that I've added a new feature to all 4x5 and 5x7 BLACKJACKET(TM)s. The new feature I'm calling the BLACKBAG(TM) doubles as a storage sack for the BLACKJACKET(TM), and an adjustable curtain to block the gap beneath the rear standard and base of field style cameras, (or on either side of the rail in monorail style cameras).

Like many of my other modifications, this concept was developed in response to customer feedback. Thank you! I do listen and value your input.

You can click here to link to the explanation and demo page on our website.

Folks that have received orders the last couple of weeks are already aware of this new feature. I delayed a global announcement until I had retrofitted my remaining inventory.

I expect a similar accessory will be part of the 8x10 models as soon as testing is complete.

My earliest customers know I don't like to penalize those who were the first adoptees of our product, so I expect to be able to offer BLACKBAG(TM)s with installation kits (for little more than the cost of postage) or arrange for customers' return and retrofit of their existing focusing cloths to accept this new feature.

The retrofit only requires the addition of two strips of the special "snag-free" Velcro(TM) to the neck of the focusing cloth, but business has been so brisk all year that I will need to wait until my fabricator has caught up with my current orders before I formally extend the offer.

Stay tuned and thanks for your support!