I just returned from a 45 minute session in my darkroom, where, while waiting for newly mixed chemicals to temperature stabilize, I retrieved my Patterson tank, and a sample roll of blank 35mm film (Uh ... I made a blank film expressly so I could practice loading tanks ... anyone buy that??).

I really cannot see a problem from the curling of the film. One thing I have noticed is that the initial threading of the film under the "balls and ramps" goes more easily if the film is *lifted* gently to the outside of the tank at the beginning. I usually place my thumbs over the ramp tabs on the outside of the reel to "reinforce" the security ... then do the "cranking" bit... one half of the reels clockwise, then reverse ... and ... very little trouble.

Even if I try to "push" the film onto the tank, I only put pressure on the very edges, to create a "stiffening arch"... which also works well.

I really do not know what to say ... I haven't seen the necessity for touching the emulsion.