Okay, another drive home (30min.) and some more thinking about this and Thilo's post, and now I can see that with a wide angle lens on the camera, rear swing and tilt will produce a different effect than tilting the easel during printing, but only because of the differnce in focal length of the lens on the camera and on the enlarger. If the lenses are the same, then I think the effect, achieved either with rear swing/tilt or easel tilting, would be exactly the same. The only advantage I can see to doing it in-camera would be that if you're making contact prints, it could not be done during the printing stage.
That was an enjoyable mental exercise, and now I don't need to worry about the lack of rear movements on my Speed Graphic.

(Thomass, yes I know it works easily. What was new to me was equating easel tilting with rear camera movement.)