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The part I like is:

...Although I learned a lot from both of them, one thing that rides above it all, they both told me, they stressed uniqueness. You really really have to be unique. You have to come up with your own visual signature. And itís not a question of style. Our unique way of perceiving our own personal reality which is inherent within all of us. And it takes a while to get that harmony with your camera.
End of quote.

I'm so sick and tired of "me too" pics. Doing something original or seeing it is what gets my juices going.
*Very good* advice from a **Master**. I'm also tired ..."Ennui-ed out" by so much of the "follow the lead Lemming", in contemporary art, too.

Only one thing puzzles me ... the difference between "signature" and "style". To me, they are synonymous ... but I guess Gibson makes some distinction between them.

I've got to take time to read the whole interview.