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What would happen if one were to substitute a developer such as Rodinal for the E6 first developer? Has anyone here tried this?
Bob, I have no idea but I can make some guesses.

The E6 developer is a very foggy solvent developer. It introduces or promotes high intralayer interimage effects and interlayer edge effects.

Without these, you will observe high dye dmin, and lower sharpness along with less color saturation or correction. Dmax may be higher and EI may be lower. Granularity may be worse.

Depending on your eyeball and the developer, you may not even see the problem, or recognize it as such, but I have seen some examples of using other first developers that were pretty sad. There are some E6 formulas out there that 'seem to work'. It would take a well equipped person to detect the fall off in sharpness or color accuracy.