"Glamour" photography in the years after the Hollywood Glamour days of Hurrell etc has gotten the connotation of rather cheesy pin up swimsuit stuff made popular by people like Peter Gowland. His "Rigid Tool" pinups that graced the wall of every mechanics workspace is an example. It was not done in the Hurrell style with dramatic lighting. It was usually pretty flat lit with wholesome girl- next -door types. Books of Gowlands are still around.

It was always pretty cheesy and peek-a-boo ish. But this was the days during and before Playboy Magazine. It was pretty tame stuff.

The mall glamour stuff is pretty bad but certainly not glamourous. There were a few people doing "boudour photography" in the 1980s and 1990s doing a soft lit, soft focus style and attaching the "glamour' word to it.

I guess the Golden Era was the Hurrell era, but since then "glamour" is not really done with dramatic lighting. The dramatic lighting stuff is usually called "Hollywood Glamour" by the people doing it today.

I think if someone now calls your work glamour, they must be complimenting you and thinking it looks glamourous. Just because the label has a questionable connotation, historically among photographers, doesn't mean that it means the same to the general public.

Michael McBlane