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That would work if you were doing multiple batches, but I do good to fill the reel and don't really want to break it down into multiple runs with a partially full tank. I usually don't have much trouble printing the negs anyway so I'm not really worried by it. Maybe one of these days I'll be ambitious enough to shoot that many frames and actually keep track of the SBRs and whatever else, but not today.
LOL !!!

I usually use my Nikor 4x5 tank and I am in your corner. "Duh wats N+1? I jus want sumpin ta print."

Really, if I ever get less lazy and start using a little more science in my developing I certainly wouldn't use the Nikor tank as it is great for doing large batches but not individual processing. I also wonder what the effect of varying the number of sheets would be on developing. One or two sheets still takes the same 1000ml of developer that will also cover 12 sheets. You would have to consider developer exhaustion (or non exhaustion) and the effect of aggitation with fewer sheets.

I also have a couple of Unicolor drums that work great for two or four sheets and that or even trays would be a much better choice for N+/- stuff.