I bought a T-90 in 1988 myself and had it for a decade plus. It was used off and on over that time. I had the dreaded EEEEE error and had the shutter replaced. I picked up the camera late and the problem wasn't fixed. It went back to be repaired again. Whatever they did it worked for 1 1/2 rolls and it died again. It was off warranty at that point. Years later I decided to get it fixed again and they quoted me another big chunk of change to fix it. I said go ahead and they wrecked the camera trying to diagnose it. It became a paper weight at that point. Keep in mind I already spend almost half of the cost of the camera already on repairs. I sold it for $100 for parts (with new shutter) at an extreme loss. The problem with the T-90 is if its not being used, it seezes up and then you have problems. Parts for this camera are now dried up. Its a very risky camera to buy used. As much as I loved this camera when it did work, I would never buy another one. The older FD cameras are way more reliable.