Steve seems to have covered the topic quite nicely. Before I got my 30inch cibachrome processor I used the Cap 40 to start getting my clients interested in the process. It worked extremely well and I had no problems with it.
As Steve points out it is a simple machine to operate and clean and I assume he was refering to 11x14 prints when he mentioned the quantity of prints.
Chemistry and paper is getting expensive and if you are to buy one of these machines , I would stock up on paper and chemicals as the supply is not like the old days.
There are three paper grades and I always found the CLMK contrast *middle* as the go to paper. If you go to the CPS paper you will need to learn contrast masking to print certain transparancies.
The CFK paper *low* contrast is very nice for very high contrast transparancies *sometimes*
The one thing I will tell you that causes me untold amount of grief is keeping dust from showing. Make sure your set up area is really clean and if your slides have ever been in a projector take a loupe to them and really look for the state of the emulsion. Slide projectors ruin the surface and when the emulsion heats up dust suck in and it is murder to clean the suckers.