Saturday schedule in Joshua Tree is as follows:

We meet at 9AM, get to know one another and become aware of equipment and the physical areas within Joshua Tree.

After that we'll will do a few practical demonstrations:

Proper use of tripod.
Using a grey card for pre-exposure to control contrast (demonstrated with Polaroid 4x5). If you haven't seen this before you may blow your mind.
Proper view camera usage will also be covered.
However, the most important aspect of landscape photography will be discussed after that (How to find the "Essence of a given Scene")!

I am trying to get a couple of guest presenters to participate. Should know a few days beforehand!

Saturday night - shooting until dark - then our annual cook-out / Mexican food supplied and prepared by Greg and Alan. (Alan does not want to charge for this; however a $5 donation to cover some of his expenses would be good.). You are free to bring drinks, snacks whatever - to share with others. We usually have a great campfire and if the weather permits always have a grand time. As the shadows get longer, the stories get bolder...


Sunday AM (After shooting early AM)
We will look at prints and transparencies. If you have work you want to show others (transparencies and prints) please bring it...

From around 11 to 2 or so we try to wind up the workshop by answering questions and / or demonstrating technique.

It will be fun. You will meet other photographers, see lots of different cameras (from Holgas to 7"X17" - or larger?) and equipment, hopefully learn new techniques (or share your own?), but most of all be preared for a great time!

Please note that this is a Gettogether / Workshop, which means that you are free to participate or may decide to roam around on your own. No one gets offended!