Thanks, Michael--the portfolio arrived safely. Who's the pipe smoker?

There's some great work in there, but not as many prints as I'd expected, so I think we need to do a quick inventory. I've got prints from--

Ole Tjungen
Clay Harmon
Chuck Pere
Jorge Gasteazoro
Lee Carmichael
Nigel Smith
Ed Sukach
Les McLean
Chris Glanton
David A. Goldfarb
Brian McGuinness
Joe Lipka

There are no prints from--

(ahem...) Sean Ross
Tom Sauerwein
Aaron Van de Sande (responded--withdrawn)
Robert Kennedy
Jim Chinn
Jay de Fehr
Michael Veit (post above--sitting out this round)

If you are on the "missing in action" list, but you included a print, let me know so we can figure out where it went. If you just decided to sit out this round or if you were a new participant this round and the portfolio skipped you, let me know that too.

I'm going to hang onto it for a few weeks probably while I sort out the next round (I've also got a few big things to take care of at the day job right now). If a number of people have dropped out, it's possible that we can continue using one portfolio. I'll check back through all my PMs and e-mails on the portfolio and reconfirm everyone. If we've got enough participants, we'll add a second portfolio. My goal is to clear the waiting list on round 3.

I'll set up a PayPal account for the Portfolio, so if new participants want to contribute to the second shipping case, they can, and I'd like to set up a fund to help out participants who repeatedly get stuck with heavy shipping costs.

We'll also have a get-together at my place when I've got a little time.