The Wolfen recipe is difficult to convert for modern use. The solutions are measured by weight and not by volume.

Dissolve 34 kg of para-aminophenol in 340 litres of water. Add 558 kg of a 30% solution of potassium sulphite at 55C followed by 50 kg of a 34% potassium hydroxide solution, then 5.52 kg of potassium bromide in a little water. Add 42 g P.1347 (an Agfa-specific anti-foggant). Filter and allow to stand for 14 days.

One must know the density of the solutions used (potassium sulfite and potassium hydroxide) and account for them in determining the total amount of water. I would like to see the calculations used to arrive at the formula given in the Silverprint article.

The use of sodium salts rather than potassium ones results in a softer working developer. This can be seen by comparing the two negatives in the article.