Strangely enough, the greatest change my photography took was when I took a long break from it just recently, and the other time was when I was on a deadline for a photo project for school. I think the pause in my frenzy of picture taking has helped me slow down and stop shooting reflexively. The photo project helped me become more creative and whimsical in my still life photography.

I guess I realized that I was becoming more thoughtful and discriminating in my picture taking just recently. I was down at my aunt and uncle's for Christmas break and we had gone to Avala beach for an hour or so. Barely anyone was there, the weather was cool, mostly cloudy, and the sea was working itself into 6-10ft swells. I had my mother's Seagull 4A-107, loaded with PanF+. I must have taken close to 5 or 6 photos before we left. It was such a rewarding experience because I knew that more than a few photos I had taken would be great. This wasn't arrogance on my part. I just knew that more than a few were great. I guess it was me just willing to wait and watch for the right moment, and recognizing when the moment came. I might almost say that Divine Providence must have been in full flow at the time. I don't know. It makes one glad they were there.