I find it really amazing how, I think I'm changing things up all the time adjusting and correcting yet when I look back, all the images look the same. kind of concerns me a bit but not enough to change. I shoot wide, normal and long all the time. Long probably the least. Usually reserved for portraits. sometimes graphic details. I like wide a lot! love to place the horizon line. It can be done with longer lenses but usually has more of an impact the wider the lense. Even with 35mm, the shift lenses really help. That is the frustraiting thing with the XPAN. As much as I love that camera there is no movements. I feel caged!
I guess if there is one thing I'd like to work more effeciently at it would be "street shooting" I have way to much editing and to few successes. Kind of the nature of the beast but chosing the right place at the right time more often would make things a lot more productive.