Hi Mike,
I am partial to warm tone papers. I have used Ilford and Seagull and Berger and Forte and some Zone VI (which is reported to be Ilford MGIV) I have used Agfa Classic but it goes flat on me too quick. I prefer a mixture that I make called Defender 55. It is simular to Dektol but does not give a green tint. That said that is for my enlarging papers. As one might surmise from this forum Azo and Amidol is the contact paper of record. The big problem with Seagull and Forte is that you have to have it shipped in as no one has it on their shelves. Seagull has an impossible requirement for the dealers to commit to when signing them up. NO one wants to do that anymore except the big boys (B&H and Calumet).

If you are happy with the look you are getting stay with it. Every one of the papers and developers you mentioned are quality materials. It just boils down to how you want your stuff to look.