Hi Mike,
Like many others, I've chased the tail with various combinations of developers and papers.

I found that using both Dektol and Selectol-Soft was a good combination. Slip the print into the Selectol first until the highlight develop, then into the Dektol to finish it off. Good combo with many papers and economical.

However, in the interest of trying to simplify life, and not having to hunt/peck with various papers looking for the "right" one, I've settled into using the J&C warmtone. Ilford WT is extremely good also. Forte WT was great but its slow; nearly two full stops slower than Ilford WT.

Amidol is undoubtedly the best developer I've ever used. Second is Agfa Neutol WA. It produces results nearly identical to Amidol and is not as expensive as Amidol.

As I move more into 8x10 contact printing, Azo is the way to go. As life becomes simpler, I'll continue to make a few enlargements from my remaining 4x5 filmstock until it runs out, mostly printed on J&C , some on Ilford WT. Amidol for the fine prints, Neutol for the proofs.