The way I feel is that if I never go out and shoot another frame I have so many negatives to print that I could spend the rest of my life in the darkroom.

I was amazed when I got out some of my 120 negs just last night to find that only about a dozen of some 2500 or more were actually printed. I have cases of 4x5's from all along the the west coast of the US that I haven't printed. I put a loupe to them and I can say that I was at least consistent in technique.

Sure I'm disappointed by the companies that are dropping out of the scene but that's the life of the industry. It's just unfortunate that we have to see it. As for large format lenses, I have mostly Red Dot Artars and many Turner Reichs with some various ones like Kodak's. All in all some really fine lenses. I have some Schneider lenses too but like the Artars best. The shutters; Ilex and Betax, Alphax and Rapax and Copal.

In the darkroom I have a Nikon 150 I bought new, older now and extremely well make metal and a Schneider Componon I bought new. I have a 360 Schneider Componon for 8x10. I keep all of these in the best conditions possible because I believe that I should do what someone somewhere did it for my older lenses.

If there is an Analog type photography in the future I will be providing some very nice equipment after I am gone. For me the personal part is a custodian of the tools as well as the images I have done with them.

It's not ego, it's respect for the medium. That's what happens when you reach middle age. I never dreamed when I was younger that I would see myself as a traveler through time. Some of the equipment I have now was old when I was a child. When I see a date on a lens of say 1906 it really takes on a special meaning.