Jorge is correct, you cannot do a transfer with sx 70. However, there are several ways to make transfers. Do you need to make them from slides or do you want to use in camera techniques?

Easy way to remember which film. Those that end in a 9. ie. 669, 59.
59 is a 4 x 5 size.
Lets image that you are going to use a 4 x 5 negative.
Have on hand ; watercolor paper hot press 140 pound. place in warm water. A piece of heavy glass, tile or marble. a roller.
Make your image, pull the film the begin development, after about 10 secs pull apart and place negative on the wet, warm paper. roll firmly in the same direction 5 or 6 times. Wait about a minute (some folks like to place their hand on the negative to create more warmth). Lift negative away from the paper.
You may also place the finish project in a vinegar bath to increase color. Wash and let it dry.
To do slides you would need a special daylab to expose the slide on to a piece of polariod film 669 and repeat the above steps.
There are many many books and websites with more specific information, just do a goggle search. Everyone has their favorite trick. Practice as in everything is the important element.
WIth slides, the brighter and more colorful the easier. Delicate shades do not lift well.