Legal issues aside, I think it is a great idea.
If they have a stamp or signature you may want to contact the successors of the photgraphers... otherwise ask a lawyer

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To start with a little background, my family has been in this area of the country for quite some time. We actually have roots back as far as the Revolution and even to early settlers of the colonies. Thankfully, this means that we don't hit the immigrant wall of around the early 1900s and my family has collected many old photographs over the years. Mostly the ones I was looking at are from the late 1800s to early 1900s

What I was thinking of doing was, restoring them and selling them locally as postcards and framed prints. I know the copyrights are long up as the photos are well over 100 years ago and everyone in them is long dead so legally there is no issue in terms of reproduction and selling, but I am wondering whether it is ethical to sell someone else's work. Does the fact that it is history change that?

Any feedback on this?