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None are famous, that I know of. The few that I have are from in and around my local area, which is faily small. Many are photographer unknown with some having studio names on them. Methinks this calls for a trip to the historical society.

I guess while it may seem obvious to me (what with the fact that various buildings are now gone) that is an interesting thing to mention.
You never know when a cousin or uncle 17 times removed is going to show up, and if they were to become popular, I can almost bet you, one will claiming that was my Great Great Great Grandfathers picture..

It is just called covering your bases, also, the historical society would be a good idea as many of them still have rights of ownership on many images of buildings that don't exist anylonger, I do quite a bit of work for one of our local historical societies and you would be amazed at what rights they own concerning images of buildings and such...

Also, another thing, do you have just prints you wish to reproduce, or do you have negatives, if you have negatives, then copyright is pretty much yours.