Klaw was certainly instrumental in her "name recognition" if not really from a favorble, sleaze-free position.

Bette was a "bright light" personality above all else. She really started as a "Camera Club" model - and one of those found on the bulletin boards of art supply stores.
I think her attitude towards being the nude figure was amazingly well balanced, and a sort of island of sanity in the over-repressed **up tight** American society of the 40' and 50's.

I might be wrong, but I think Gowland worked with her, as did Andre DeDeines (sp?), but the best work, In My Most Humble Opinion, was by Bunny Yaeger.

Yes, I am a fan, bith of Bette Page and Yaeger.

The greatest tribute to her is that so many of the aspiring models of today, motivated by yellowing photographs - want to emulate her work - and "look".

BTW ... One of the models I worked with recently spoke about the one phrase that invariable sets models off against a photographer - the incredibly trite, "Make love to the camera!". She said the the last time a photgrapher said that to her, she replied, "No, I won't - It's NOT my type!"