You should do it!

also there might be grants available in your state that would help you with the project-book, cards etc...a book that comes to mind for me is"Upon a Quiet Landscape...the Photographs of "Frank Sadorus..published by the Urbana Free Library...66 photographs taken between 1906 and 1912....Sadorus was not even a professional photographer and was considered insane when he died at an early age...he was a very accomplished amateur photographer....Raymond Bial put it together and has published 2 other books of photographs....Ivesdale: A Photographic Essay and also a book "Portraits of Older Blacks in Champaign, Illinois" check with your historical archives council in your area and the state university in your area etc....catalog your images...I think you will be surprised at the reception and encouragement you will receive...especially if the people are identifiable as citizens in your area etc...good luck

Dave in Vegas