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I made a homemade book of some of my photographs for my Dad for Christmas. On the page opposite each photograph, I told a story about it. I can't decide which part is my favorite, the stories or the photographs. One is certainly not the same without it's counterpart.

i am the same way matt

i usually have a story that goes with each photograph that i have printed ... sometimes it is about how i made a fool of myself when i took the stranger, or indian chief or politico's portrait, or how i was nearly attacked by a savage beast or that guy that could have played a role in "the deliverance" when i was in the woods documenting mill ruins, or when the police must have stopped and chatted with me 15 times in a 20 minute span when i was "on the street" or what happened when i was hired to do surveilance work or almost dropped 300 feet to the bottom of a drained quarry or ...

each photograph is like a film still of what happened to me during the time i was exposing the film, processing, printing or goofing off in the darkroom ... it kind of like listeing to a certain record, and having memories associated (good or bad) with whatever song is being played ---