My interest is in knowing what films are available in 8X10" size for making in-camera negatives for contact printing, not for making enlarged negatives.

Which leads me to a second question. Is there any reason to use a film of less than ISO/ASA 100 for contact printing? Based on my own experience I would say no, but perhaps someone has knowledge of a specific situation in which a very slow speed film gave better results?

As for enlarged negatives, I have made them for contact printing with alternative processes in the past using many different methods and film, including reversal processing. However, I currently do all of this kind of work digitally, scanning from 6X9cm and 5X7" negatives and printing the negative on Pictorico with an inkjet printer. There are certainly several valid reasons for making enlarged negatives with film and wet processing but in my own case I am satisfied that I get better results via the digital route.