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If Nikon made an F85 I would still just get an F80 second hand, but That is one camera that if Olympus replaced with a new version (with AP, don't laugh loads of digi P&S cameras now have AP) I would buy it, new!

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I've just been given one today. A cute matte black thing to match my nail polish. I'm sure that it will be a lot of fun. Everything is in Japanese. I'm already familiar with Natura 1600 film and will use the Natura camera with that, and with EPJ pushed two.

PS my other compact is also cute and matte black, but made by MAC.

Fuji have made a compact with a 24mm F1.9 lens :o, WOW I have never even herd of a 24mm lens that wide before, is this enthusiast aimed? I would be more excited but 24mm is too wide for me.

I have also never herd of Natura 1600, is it just rebranded Superia 1600?